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happy 6 years SJ by xPaw-chanx happy 6 years SJ by xPaw-chanx
to my boys, the ones that make laugh when I'm feeling in the bottom of the ocean; the ones that make me cry when they suffer, when they are sad.
to those 15 people that in a very short time became the most important thing to me.
to our leader Park Jungsu, who will always be the most caring leader of all.
to our Cinderella boy Kim Heechul, who will always make us laugh on variety shows.
to our China man Hangeng, that, no matter where he is, we will always show our support to him.
to our awkward turtle Kim Jongwoon, who will always surprise us with his powerful voice and his cute dance styles.
to our teddy bear Kim Youngwoon, who will always make us laugh with his jokes.
to our always smiling Shin Donghee, who will always surprise us with his awesome dance steps.
to our aegyo king Lee Sungmin, who will always be one of the most talented boys in the whole world.
to our dancing anchovy Lee Hyukjae, who will always be super junior's Won Bin, even if he doesn't think the same.
to our fishy Lee Donghae, who will always be a five-year-old and a sex god at the same time.
to our handsome horse Choi Siwon, who will always be one of the best people in the world, beyond his gorgeous face and stunning body.
to our eternal maknae Kim Ryoewook, with that amazing voice, with his gorgeous smile, and woth that perfect and innocent attitude.
to our serious actor Kim Kibum, who we will always wait for him to come back home.
to our evil maknae Cho Kyuhyun, with his amazing voice and that serious, adorkable, cute and evil attitude.
to our fashion king Zhoumi, with that gourgeous voice, those perfect hands, and that talented personality.
to our mochi boy Henry Lau, who will always do better versions of american songs, and with that humble personality.
to E.L.F, our fandom, our home, the only place where we feel save, where we feel like a family.
to super junior, the boys who stole many girls hearts since 2005, no matter what happens, we will always show our support to each and every member.
thank you for this awesome 6 years. I love you.
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November 5, 2011
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